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“Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I'm not living.” Sarah, 19 with a penchant for a good bit of Victorian Lit and all things John Green. Enjoy by bookish ramblings, or not, s'up to you :)

Last few weeks of living in halls :( I will miss my tiny bookshelf!

Some bookish Birthday gifts! Happy June everyone :)

A Passage To India - E.M. Forster
Huzzah for the end of exams and reading for fun!
Huzzah for the end of exams and reading for fun!

Everything Is Illuminated

Everything Is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer

What the heck is it all about? Er... well... life? One thing I love about Safran Foer's writing is that you can't pigeon hole it into a genre, its both funny and heartbreaking, about life and death, love and sadness. Every side of the coin is metaphorically flipped!

The very best bits: The correspondance element to this book really added another level, I really felt that I was watching a story unfold from every angle that it could possibly be told from.I won't give too much away but one thing I think all of Safran Foer's novels do well is highlight that stories belong to us all, no one narrative should be priviliged above another.

The slightly not as best bits: I love everything this man puts to paper so this was kind of hard. At times I do feel that there are too many vague references to earlier parts of the novel, but one of the most rewarding pats about extemely loud and incredibly close was re-reading and picking things apart- so only really a drawback if you only intend to read it once!

Reccomend? Of course! My life is at least 10% better for having read this book.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I've read a few books that deal with cancer, but hardly any that deal with it in the selfless more true to life way TFiOS does. This is probably the only "cancer" book I would comfortably recommend to my friends who have recently lost parents to the disease, because it showed a focus on life with cancer than a life controlled by it that to me whilst sad was extremely comforting, something that I wish came through more in books that deal with this difficult subject. Definitely John's best book in my opinion and couldn't put it down, I recommend to EVERYONE.

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3)

Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3) - Suzanne  Collins I grew to hate Katniss so much in this book! I hate that books with strong female characters always ultimately have to boil down to the choice of "which boy?" at the end. The Hunger Games trilogy is such a classic example of this; can't female characters save the world just because its the right thing to do rather than to get a boy back? I still enjoyed the book though, and the plot moved at such a fast pace I couldn't put it down :)

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